We exist to build moral standards guidance
and leadership.

We vision at-risk youth and families building resiliency through teamwork, critical thinking, and self-confidence to achieve self-sufficiency.

We encourage and guide at-risk youth and young adults as a community-based alternative through empowerment, enrichment and academic tutoring that results in self-moral maturity. We place a positive focus on entrepreneurship enabling youth and young adults to achieve moral maturity. Further resulting in better decision-making regarding education, finances, career options, the entertainment of criminal activities, community engagement and leadership, which lead to better lifestyles.
In North Carolina, young men and ladies (yml) are incarcerated as an adult at alarming rates at ages 16 or 17 depending on the offense classified as a crime if it were committed by an adult.  After a long fought batter, in December 2019, North Carolina yml will no longer be sentenced to incarceration as an adult. 

Throughout North Carolina on any given day, there are over 210 youth detained in a juvenile detention center.  This number does not include those incarcerated in jail or prison. YAMM focuses on guiding yml ages 10-24 through active learning tools that result in a reduction of contact with authorities and keeping them in their resident home, while providing active guidance in the community to reduce recidivism. 

Our focus will also lower the entrance rate of at-risk youth in the North Carolina Juvenile Justice system as well the local detention center. 

We mentor yml through a  two-year active learning at-risk behavior mentoring program designed to provide guidance in areas of:
  • Morals
  • Lifestyle
  • Academic
  • Active community participation
  • Talents and Skills
  • Self-control
  • Anger management
  • Acceptance of responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship

By focusing on these areas, we can guide youth in understanding what moral standards are and how to utilize them properly. We also encourage and promote healthier living through lifestyle recognition of the pros and cons and the readjustment of such.

We uplift the importance of academic achievement and its positive outcomes while encouraging the entrance and full attendance of college. We understand as an organization that everyone has a talent, we recognize their talents, and then use their current skills to enhance their talents, also introducing positive influences of interest such as entrepreneurship.

While these areas are important for yml to get through teenage and young adult years, they will be provided the leadership needed to focus on the importance of self-enhancement rather than unlawful living; therefore, becoming law-abiding citizens to self and their community.
Too often yml lose their way without positive and supportive role models that they need to guide them on a continuous basis. Our programs are designed to enhance poor decision-making in yml while ​leading them to a successful life through active role modeling. At YAMM, we give yml that need a second chance to live a better life by providing the right support to help those who display at-risk behavior and those currently involved in the juvenile justice system. In getting yml back on track, our support brings them from restrictive sanctions into a positive environment with accepting the responsibility for self-actions. In doing so, our mentors guide youth to minimize, hopefully deterring re-offending. We do so by using structured supervision and positive interactions with yml while in the community, supporting education and providing family support.

We encourage and guide at-risk youth in practicing achieving moral maturity. Our program is designed as an alternative sentencing program for first-time offenders who are delinquent with academic and behavior issues. Its also designed to help those who display at-risk behavior and had no form of contact with authorities.
Our dedicated staff and volunteers are from Forsyth County and Guilford County, NC. They are experienced in working with at-risk and underrepresented young and ladies in the Forsyth County area. Though we are not a religous organization we carry ourselves in a godly manner and guide youth in the same manner.